So You Want to Complete Your First Triathlon

Hello, and welcome to Art of Triathlon !

Either you made the decision to compete in a triathlon or you are still pondering the idea and are looking for information – you are in the right place!

Art of Triathlon is your one-stop guide to go from absolute newbie to triathlete.

If you are new to the site, this is a list of articles in the recommended reading order:


  1. What is a Triathlon? Introduction
  2. You know it’s a race where you swim, bike and run – but how does it all come together? What’s the effort required? Can you do a triathlon ?

  3. Triathlon Distances
  4. You surely know the IRONMAN, as it is the most famous triathlon event. But there are many other formats spanning different distances. Here we introduce you to Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and IronMan distance triathlons.

  5. Triathlon Gear: What do you need
  6. Expensive high-tech gear is not required in order to complete your first triathlon, but with three sports to take care of, there are some required and some recommended piece of equipment. Let us guide you through.

  7. Training for a Triathlon: the Big Picture
  8. You will most likely train more weekly hours than a swimmer, a biker or a runner. At the same time, you won’t be able dedicate as much time to each sport. Planning and commitment are necessary to become triathlon-fit.


  1. Basic Swimming Fitness
  2. With endurance, an understanding of hydrodynamics, and good technique the open water swim can be completed with ease.


  1. Basic Cycling Fitness
  2. Cycling is probably the easiest triathlon segment to train for. With the proper bike fit and the right training, triathlon cycling can be relaxing and enjoyable, while still ensuring a good finishing time.


  1. Basic Running Fitness
  2. Training to increase run distance requires a progressive program allowing the body to adjust to longer distances.

Preparing for your First Race

  1. What to expect on race day
  2. Your first triathlon is a few days or weeks away. Physically, your body is up to the challenge, but you’re definitely feeling some pre-event jitters. Knowing what to expect at the race can make it easier to feel prepared, relaxed and ready to meet your goal.

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